February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Lara!

Happy Day Indeed!

We received preview copies of the book today, and just in time to celebrate Lara's Birthday. Two copies of the Standard Edition and one copy of the Lettered Edition came via courier from Singapore.

Below are a few sample images of the Standard Edition.  
Click Images for a larger view.

A quick look through the pages and I am happy to say that the book looks stunning.   The slip case has a nice glossy finish and is a sturdy home for the two volume set.  The color is vibrant and the art has been replicated beautifully.

After almost 3 years of work, it is so nice to finally see this come together.  I think I've looked through the pages a dozen times already.

We are in the home stretch now!   Happy Birthday Lara and hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day too.


Anonymous said...

Best update ever! It does look awesome, thanks for posting the pics! *_*

Puddytoes said...

YAY!! Thanks so much for the pics, it looks great!

Brandon said...

OH WOW!!!! Man, that is so, SO awesome. I can't wait for all the books to arrive! So happy that you received preview copies and that you can finally see the result of all your hard work. The set looks really amazing and I'm glad to hear that it sounds like it has met your expectations. Yay!!

Anonymous said...

Hi this is leepaynetombraider here.
you said two weeks ago that we would start recieving emails inregard to confirming our postal adrresses within a week but i have not had anything. when will these come through??????
The new pics are great.

John_York said...

Looks fantastic!

Now... when am I going to *get* the book, considering I've already paid for it...?

Orphen said...

any news yet ???

Brandon said...

I keep looking at these pics and am blown away by how awesome they look :) Since it's officially March now, hopefully we'll soon have news that you've received the books and are starting to ship them!