January 10, 2009

Fan Collections

Thanks to all who have expressed interest in the book and the desire to add it to your collection. A few of you have sent over jpg's of these impressive collections. And I look on in envy at the many things that I do not have.    We hope someday to be a part of your arsenal with the art book.

susiboy from Korea sent us a link to a very interesting collection of alternate versions of the console games.  It's very interesting to see the different releases for the various markets around the world.

A more comprehensive look at susiboy's collection can be found here.       

Let us know what unique items you have!   Send us a jpg or post a comment.  

January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy Holidays!

It's been some time since our last post and I know that you are eager to hear some updates.  Now that the holidays are over & we've finished playing the new game, we can resume our work on the book. We are still struggling with page count.  We are hoping to get it down to around 400 pages.  There is so much brilliant work to display and we have every intention of including all of the available art.     It's just a matter of prioritizing size and dimension of the artwork.

As you can see from the quality of Underworld, the environments are exquisite. Above is an early concept of the Mediterranean stage. Cheers to all the artists who brought the levels to life.   As a scuba diver, I particularly liked the underwater sequences.   The most realistic to date.   

We'd love to hear your favorite parts of the new game.  Feel free to post comments!