May 9, 2010

Show Us Your Books!

The Home of the First 
Art of Tomb Raider Book
The first three "preview" copies of the book made their way through the Golden Gate Bridge in April. One copy of the Lettered Edition and two copies of the Standard Edition. Dreams and Visions Press owner Stan Stice was kind enough to sacrifice one copy to Crystal Dynamics. The other Standard Edition remains in our possession and now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And yes, this is an actual picture of the first Art of Tomb Raider book set in front of the bridge.   No Photoshop trickery.

Send us a picture of your book in its new home and we'll post the most remote, creative, or unique photos here.

First Look at Crystal Dynamics.
A few images from the "first look" at Crystal Dynamics in Redwood City.

Creative Director Darrell Gallagher looks at the Standard Edition.
Lettered Edition can be seen in the foreground.

Global Brand Manager Karl Stewart (left) takes a look through the Lettered Edition of The Art of Tomb Raider.  Brand Manager Matt Knoles (right) pages though the Standard Edition.

Show Us Your Books!  
Send us a picture of your book!  We'll post the most creative, remote and unique pictures here!  

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