March 15, 2009


Just received storyboards from the fine folks at Crystal Dynamics. Here's a look at the sketches from the three games Crystal produced. Great variety of detail in the respective versions.  Here they are in chronological order.     

Above - From Legend.    
Lara chased by motorcycle mercenaries as she hoists herself to safety on a runaway train.

Above -  From Anniversary.   
Cheers to anyone who can identify the above scene and appropriate baddies.

Above - From Underworld.    
Lara playing Dance Revolution in a local Thai arcade.

Just making sure someone reads this stuff.

March 2, 2009

WonderCon - San Francisco - 2009

Dreams and Visions Press attended WonderCon this past weekend in San Francisco.  Attendance to the convention was extremely high; the best I've seen in years.   In addition to selling the Art of Ralph McQuarrie books (Japanese and English editions) we offered an exclusive look at the upcoming Tomb Raider art book.

Located right in Crystal Dynamics back yard, San Francisco granted us the opportunity to meet several artists & programmers who stopped by the booth to say hello and take a look.  It was great to meet the folks behind the game.  Of course, every time this happened, I was not actually in the booth to partake in the formal introductions.  But I was told they were very excited.

Response to the preliminary pages was very positive from attendees as well.  Although, some were disappointed that the book wasn't actually available to purchase on the spot.   We are as eager to publish the book as you are to hold it in your little hands.

A few of the pages can be seen above and a glimpse of the book's cover de jour.   While it is lovely, it is almost definitely NOT the final.   

Thanks to all those who stopped by and said hello.  And to those new friends who just found out about the book.   Happy Conventioning!