May 1, 2009

Page Count Grows!

Here's a quick update and some new page concepts.

And let me preface this by saying that "All is subject to change!"

We are very close to opening pre-orders.  Woohoo!   Our web master is working on automating that function, so we appreciate your patience.  Start saving your gold pieces.    Look for an email in the next couple weeks or check back here. 

Page Count continues to grow with storyboards, pencil sketches and new art still coming in.   We are over 550 now.   Rather than make art small or worse, cut imagery, we gave in and are leaning toward a two volume set coupled nicely in a slip case.   We're planning on the Core Years being the first volume and the Crystal Years being the second. The good news is that it shouldn't affect price too much.  We are still looking at the same anticipated price point as the Ralph McQuarrie Book.

We are also entertaining doing only two versions, instead of three.   Standard Edition and 100 (or so) Limited Signed copies with an original pencil sketch. 

Again, "All subject to change!"