January 24, 2010

Not in the Book

We are still on track for a mid February delivery to our doors, then we will begin shipping them out to you.   These last few weeks will hopefully go by quickly as we eagerly anticipate holding the final product in our hands.

In the meantime here's a quick bit of info that didn't make it into the book.  The image itself is in the book, so don't worry.  The image above, completed by artist Joel Boucquemont, is a "Loading Screen" and contains a billboard of a young lady in some sort of advertisement.

The model in the image is none other than Daniel Cabuco's wife. Daniel, as you know, contributed a ton of art work to Legend and Anniversary. Incidentally, his wife's name is Kim and yes, we did ask him if we could mention this.

Here's a snapshot of the in-game image provided by Sermongar.
Very cool. Thanks!

Now does anyone know what the advertisement says?

January 5, 2010

Lettered Edition

Only 4 copies of the Lettered Edition remain.

If you have been thinking about picking up one of these, now is the time.    Here are some more details about the Lettered Edition:

26 Copies worldwide (Lettered A-Z)
1 - Original Signed Sketch from Angel of Darkness Artist James Kenny

1 - Original Signed Sketch from Legend/Anniversary Artist Daniel Cabuco

* Artwork above is original, not a copy.  These are new pieces of art drawn exclusively for the Lettered Edition.  You will own a one-of-a-kind piece of Tomb Raider art.  These pages will not be bound into the book, so that you may frame and display them as you prefer.

1 - Signature Page with 3 Exclusive pencil sketches from creator Toby Gard (seen below)

Exclusive Slip Case Cover for the Lettered Edition

Final Price - $500US (does not include shipping and handling)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  To those who have reserved a Lettered Edition.  You should have received a message with the above information on December 21st, 2009.  If you didn't, we do not have a copy reserved for you.  Please contact us immediately if you had reserved a copy and did not get the aforementioned email.