December 22, 2009


Happy Holidays!

The final covers are complete and ready to go.  We are happy to have original cover designs by the folks at Crystal Dynamics. First a 3d look at the complete collection created by Tomb Raider aficionado Brandon Klassen.    Many thanks to him for this virtual look.

 Below is a look at the evolution of the cover.
First are the concepts followed by the final, full-spread sleeve.

Above 2 images: Slip Case Cover Concept and Final.

Above 2 images: Volume I Concept and Final Cover (Core Design Years)

Above 2 images: Volume II Concept and Final Cover (Crystal Dynamics Years)


Puddytoes said...

That's *hot*. Hey, LOL do we get all the cover concept art in there, too? ;)

Still here, all the way. Bring on the new year!

Anonymous said...

Hot stuff indeed! =)

Happy holidays everyone.

- Treeble

Orphen said...

wooow cool
merry christmas and happy new year


Matt said...

wow looking great.

Will be a late christmas pressi to myself :P

Can't Wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

i bought it on dreams and visions press. does anyone really know when it comes out or when it ships?

Puddytoes said...

No. Right now it's February which is always subject to change. Read past blog entries.