November 29, 2009

Updates and New Pages

Here's a quick update on the book's progress and a few new pages.
The final file is at the printer and a few minor adjustments are being made to correct color, contrast, etc. Everything looks fantastic and it is wonderful to see things wrapping up nicely. Here's the bad news. Unfortunately our print run has fallen during the Chinese New Year, so delivery will be delayed until February. I wanted to have it in my hands for Christmas too. Humbug!

Until then, here are a few pages from Volume II which covers the Crystal Dynamics Years.


Above: Introduction to Volume II by Darrel Gallagher.

Above: Kraken Room Concepts & Niflheim Door Puzzle Room Concept.

Above: Lost Valley Storyboards and Concept Sketch.

Above: Viking Thrall Concept Sketches and Color Design.


Anonymous said...

more and more delays. You really going to leave this book any year? I'm tired of waiting more and more. It´s a shame...

Anonymous said...

What? another delay? 1 year delay I think it´s too much, specially if for to pre order we had to pay 40 euros, and the communication with the costumers is so bad!, I never got any newsletter saying is going to be delay, you should improve that.

And for the waist of time, it should be some discount in the final price for those who pre order long time ago.

Steffan Schulz said...

Since you've let "anonymous" messages, how can we communicate? If you haven't gotten any messages in the past, then you're not on the mailing list, or you've not subscribed to the updates here. Try those options first.

In regards to communication, there have been 16 posts here on the blog. Plus I have sent at least 4 messages directly to the mailing list, so I can't agree with lack of communication. That's 20+ times over the course of the 2 years. Nearly once a month.

I understand your frustration. I'm disappointed too. I've worked on this thing for more than 3 years now and want to have a finished project. I don't control the printing press, the approval process, Eidos & Crystal's availability to work on this project, etc. It is what it is.

The pre-order was to guarantee a book. There are only 2000 available. If you wanted a book, then that was the deal. If you'd like a refund, we'd be happy to give you you're money back.

Brandon said...

I love seeing these preview pages! Every time I see something new, it has me convinced that this is going to be THE art book of the year. I guess that's going to be 2010 now instead of 2009, but we've waited this long, so a little more won't hurt. I completely understand how these things happen. It's obvious that you're committed to creating the best quality product you can, and if it takes a bit longer to do that, no worries. Sounds like you're working carefully with the printout you previously mentioned and it's great to know you're paying attention to the details like color and contrast adjustments at this stage. It's definitely a necessary part of the process. And I know how things work when you do anything in China. The company I work for orders product from China, and to get a container shipment from China, you have to coordinate it months ahead of time. If you miss the boat, you really miss the boat! And don't they really shut down basically everything over there for Chinese New Year? Anyway, it will all work out in the end! It will be more than worth the wait!

Puddytoes said...

As notorious as I am for my impatience to get what I want, I would rather wait another few months for an *awesome* product than get something substandard tomorrow. C'mon, guys, give them a break. They're only trying to get it right, you should be thanking them, not bitching. As for a discounted price, you *are* getting one--it goes up after it's printed, that's been said several times. And if you had subscribed to the newsletter like the rest of us, you'd know they were already trying to work out a little something extra for those that prepaid. See what happens when you don't go all in?

As far as communication goes, while I can see Mr. Schulz's point, I'm also a freak for updates. Even if it's just a, "Hey' didn't forget about you, getting on it ASAP." That's been proven on a different subject here. So I appreciate them when they come here and in the newsletters but yeah, I'd have liked them more often.

Either way, I'm willing to wait a bit longer to get this. I will gladly slap the rest of my cash down at any time to ensure it, too.

And PS, shame on ya for taking the easy way through the complaints by posting anonymously. Grow a pair.

Suz said...

New pages look fab, Can't wait to get my hands on this!

I was reading the other bloggs and wondered, will this book have all of the artwork from the japonease AOD art book? Because I have wanted that for ages!

@the anonymous comments:
Get it together! It's not that long to wait.

Steffan Schulz said...

Almost all of the AOD art work contained in the Japanese book will be included in the Dreams and Visions volume. Our conversations with AOD artist James Kenny proved that a few of the images in the Japanese version had absolutely nothing to do with Tomb Raider. As a result, those won't be included.

Suz said...

wow, how exciting, thanks!

Orphen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Orphen said...

it's not bothering me at all to wait more if we will get something wow at the end ^___^

I only have 2 Q there will be more books about TR like Ralph McQuarrie ?

any hint about the extra for those who per-order before ? ^_~


Anonymous said...

I agree that comunication is very poor. Therew are no email news letters coming through. they are not responding to emails. they have only confirmed my payments and i have asked them to confirm they have the write postal addresse with no reply.
I dont think customer care is on there priority list.
As for the book being late all the while what can i say. proberbley goes with the customer care

Matt said...

All i can say to the Anonymouse above is;


And with regards to comms, I have always got replys back within a few days. And what do you think the last post was the other week??? looked to me like an update....... :S

The reason why ppl are not getting "updates" often is probably due to the fact that there arn't any...
However the status of the book is always being updated on the form here, granted not every day but when anything important changes, and thats all we need isn't it?

I think we need to give these guys a break, after all I guess i'll be spending about £500-600 + expensive postage, so I would NOT want something of this important and expensive to be rushed out just to satisy my or anyone elses impatience.

I came accross this site by accident while looking for TR artwork and i'm damn happy that i did because so far this is the only decent art book that covers TR that I have come accross.

We have all been assured over and over that it's being sorted so let's all just get christmas outta the way first yea?

Brandon said...

These new pages shown here remind me again why I'm really looking forward to this. All this art is going to be reproduced nice and LARGE. No crappy small art or art that gets broken across spreads like so many other art books.