February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Lara!

As you know, Valentine's Day also just happens to be Lara Croft's birthday.    So, as we celebrate both, here's a little treat from Dreams and Visions Press.   These pages are a preliminary look at the next draft of the book.  As always, we must include the disclaimer that what you see here may not look exactly like the finished product.  We're still editing, adjusting, and admiring.

The above concept images are from Angel of Darkness.
I find James Kenny's interpretation and update of Lara very appealing.

Lara and some of the early concept character drawings for Legend.

Above Left - Concept images for Pierre from Anniversary.
Above Right - Concept images for the Doppelgänger, one of my favorite parts of the game.

Above - Concept drawings for some of the Arctic environments from Underworld.


Dreamer said...

I simply can't waaaaaait for this boooooook!!!! Thanks for the preview!!!!!

Ice2244 said...

Awesome, can't wait!

Matt said...

Cant wait to see more, im torn between which of the 2 special editions to get, may have to get both :)

Orphen said...

really can't wait for this

Matt there will be a different between those editions ?? O_o

Clar said...

i love lara...i cant wait to own the book...keep up the good work