January 10, 2009

Fan Collections

Thanks to all who have expressed interest in the book and the desire to add it to your collection. A few of you have sent over jpg's of these impressive collections. And I look on in envy at the many things that I do not have.    We hope someday to be a part of your arsenal with the art book.

susiboy from Korea sent us a link to a very interesting collection of alternate versions of the console games.  It's very interesting to see the different releases for the various markets around the world.

A more comprehensive look at susiboy's collection can be found here.       

Let us know what unique items you have!   Send us a jpg or post a comment.  


Anonymous said...

I've got a fairly large collection of Tomb Raider items myself, but no unique items I'm afraid.

Aurélie said...

Hi !
I've many TR's items...
If you want... my galerie on my website :
(photos taken in may 2008, I've to redo it...


And a part of my full listing...

sorry, it's in french ;-)

Steffan Schulz said...

Very nice collection!

Dang, I'd kill for the Sola Wetsuit.