May 9, 2010

Show Us Your Books!

The Home of the First 
Art of Tomb Raider Book
The first three "preview" copies of the book made their way through the Golden Gate Bridge in April. One copy of the Lettered Edition and two copies of the Standard Edition. Dreams and Visions Press owner Stan Stice was kind enough to sacrifice one copy to Crystal Dynamics. The other Standard Edition remains in our possession and now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And yes, this is an actual picture of the first Art of Tomb Raider book set in front of the bridge.   No Photoshop trickery.

Send us a picture of your book in its new home and we'll post the most remote, creative, or unique photos here.

First Look at Crystal Dynamics.
A few images from the "first look" at Crystal Dynamics in Redwood City.

Creative Director Darrell Gallagher looks at the Standard Edition.
Lettered Edition can be seen in the foreground.

Global Brand Manager Karl Stewart (left) takes a look through the Lettered Edition of The Art of Tomb Raider.  Brand Manager Matt Knoles (right) pages though the Standard Edition.

Show Us Your Books!  
Send us a picture of your book!  We'll post the most creative, remote and unique pictures here!  

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Puddytoes said...

Neat. And the lettered addition is...very red. LOL I like the silhouette though.

I'll hafta work on this. It's sort of rainy and crappy here right now to be taking my precious book into the great outdoors. ;)

Juliane R. said...

It is soooo great, my book arrived last saturday at the custom office and today I pick it up.
I am soooo happy, you really did a great job! Awesome!

Best regards from Berlin, Germany!

Steffan Schulz said...

Oh how cool would a picture of the book from Berlin sitting in the Quadriga be?

Juliane R. said...

haha, i'll try it!

Orphen said...

I will try to take a pic in front of emirates palace ^__^

Sabreman64 said...

Hmm. I'd love to be able to take a picture of my book. The only problem is that my book hasn't arrived, and I've no idea if it's even been shipped yet. I've received no emails saying it's been shipped, and there's no indication on my account that the book's been shipped. It still says, "Payment received."

I'm not the only one who's still waiting to hear about my order. I live in the UK, and over the last couple of weeks, I've been corresponding with another person in the UK who has also heard nothing about his order.

Steffan Schulz said...

I am very, very sorry for the delays. I know there are less than 75 books to go out and there have been some delays (and I use that "some" loosely) in delivery process due to the volcano. We didn't want to ship to your area until we were certain they would arrive safely. However, if yours was shipped, I believe you'll get a shipping notice. That area is not my department so I am not certain. Again I am very, very, sorry for the delays in getting your books.

Sabreman64 said...

Thank you for replying, Steffan. I look forward to receiving my book.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Steffan. I made a pre-order long time ago (after AoTR was annoynced in may 2008). I live in Russia, and have no idea if my book even been shipped yet. I've received no e-mails and you do not reply on e-mails i sent you. What am i supppose to do???

Anonymous said...

Steffan, please, send all the books.
This is outrageous, I regret to have pre-ordered my book. It would have been easier for me to buy the book on ebay. At least I would have avoided all these problems.
It will be the last time I buy something here.


Steffan Schulz said...

Is anyone happy? Sheesh!

We did not take pre-orders until July of 2009. Not 2008.

Shipping is not my department. I have no authority.

I respond to every email I receive.

Responding with Anonymous doesn't help.

Finally, someone has their book and is happy.

Club de carretera said...

I think it's normal that people are so angry and nobody is happy. Actually we are waiting for the book long and weeks go by and not give us any solution. You should be honest with us and send the books as soon as possible. Not our fault that you may have a problem with you bank or legal problems. We have paid for a book (very expensive) and we want our purchase. I too am angry and desperate with you. I sincerely hope that this whole issue is resolved soon. We also have the right to complain and be angry, we paid and we have not received anything.
Please provide us with a solution as soon as possible, we trust you when you pre-ordered the book and now we are disappointed.
I guess you will understand our situation.

Please send the books this week please.

Sermongar said...

And I keep waiting for a reply to my inbox, and my books didn´t arrive yet. What happen? you have legal problem and you have to put money from your pocket? and what´s the problem? we had to put 55 extra dollars to pre order (that it wasn´t the point after all), and plus 58 dollars more of shipping costs. We don´t have the fault, we want the book NOW, i´m tired of waiting, Half May and lack of communication at all. I don´t want to pre order nothing more with Dreams and Visions. Never.

It would be good idea unless to reply the emails of the fans when they ask.

Jeff said...

Hi again Steffan (and fellow readers)…

I preordered my copy of "The Art of Tomb Raider" in Sept. 2009, and also have yet to receive it… and I live in Los Angeles.

I'm certainly not angry at the delay in receiving my copy… aside from raising your blood pressure, anger accomplishes nothing. As Steffan said, the volcano (along with a few other worldwide events) shut down shipping to certain countries, and that's an understandable and unavoidable delay. There's nothing Dreams & Visions Press (or anyone else) could have done about it.

From my experiences, Dreams & Visions Press is a very reputable company, and the quality of their books is first rate. I've order one other book from them - "Star Wars:The Art of Ralph McQuarrie" (Japanese Exclusive Ed.) - and it arrived quickly and in perfect condition; and the book itself was packaged VERY securely.

I have no doubt that everyone will receive their copies of "The Art of Tomb Raider" and be plesantly surprised at the quality of the book.


Although I'm not angry at the delay, I will say that I'm growing a bit concerned at this point… if only because the website is "hinting" that the edition is close to selling out.

I wrote to the company on April 16th inquiring about the status of my shipment. I received a response from Stan on April 19th stating that he'd look into it that week. But it's now nearly a month later, and I'm still awaiting his followup. (The polite reminder email I sent 9 days ago remains unanswered.)

What can I say — while one part of my brain knows I'll receive my book, the other part can't help worrying. It's simple human nature.

I'll be happy to send you a pic of the book when I finally receive it… but the only "monument" I could pose it against would be the seat of my wheelchair. Somehow I don't think that's the type of snazzy location you had in mind. Ah well…

As always, my best regards to you Steffan.

Jeff Krispow

Anonymous said...

I'm on the same boat as you are Jeff. I don't mind the wait, not at all, but I too am concerned I haven't heard of the whereabouts of my order. I live in Brazil though, and I know the customs here are famous for their incompetence, but I have no idea whether my package is still somewhere in the US waiting to be shipped or lost in a dark corner here.

Matt said...

Did nobody get the email the other week from steffans partner explaing the delays??????????????

He clearly stated that there have been major delays with books due to some quality issus.

Not to menton the volcano and the ever changing wind directions causing havoc all over the EU.

These guys are HAND CHECKING the several THOUSAND books for the quality that we all expect out of these books.

Im sure they could have sent these books out ages ago but no doubt these same muppets who are complaining now will no doubt be complaining MUCH MUCH more if they received their book damaged in anyway (correct me if im wrong ppl), you know who you are...

So, please can we give these guys a break, we have been notified of all delays and the reasons why and on more than one occasion been offered a full refund.

I myself cant wait to get this book but i do not want these to be rushed out with the possibility of mine being damaged or of inferior quality or arriving covered in ASH!!! after all iv paid over £300.00 GBP for mine and id hate to have to return it, just think of the shipping costs back and forth for a replacement!

Some people have already received theirs so thats reassuring that things are in motion, but trying to orchestrate such a massive process of these high quality books is NOT easy and takes time to be done right.

How about we start giving some supportive comments guys, is that too much to ask?

Mohit said...

I am from India and I got my Art of Tomb Raider book couple of days ago.
Thanks a lot Dreams and Visions press. Its a beautiful book .
The waiting was worth it.
I see lot many others have not got their book...Hope they get it soon too.
Once again thanks for this Great book. Its one of the best purchase of my life.
Tomb raider FTW!.

LmC said...

I just want to say that it's Saturday and my confirmation email IS NOT ARRIVED YET.

Anonymous said...

I have not received any confirmation. When shall send the books?

LmC said...

Confirmation received :)

CynicalHippie said...

Just ordered mine! Will be sure to take it some location and upload it when it arrives. :D

Gregory said...

Just received them and was well worth the wait !!
I had high expectations and they were more than surpassed.

Matt said...

I got mine today woo, fantastic work.
Will need to take some time out to study it properly.

Quality is excellent, and WELL worth the wait as iv always said!

I cant wait to get my lettered edition also, that should be even better! :D

thanks guys, this is a top quality book, more than a book its a genuine and rare masterpiece to add to a TR collection. Will probably be one of THE most rare TR collectables ever!

Will get a pic somewhere, any idea for somewhere in the UK guys? perhaps i should go down the the real surrey mannor???
Thanks again.

angelus0901 said...

I got mine 2 days ago... It's wonderful!! I love it!! ;) :D

Pavel said...

Yesterday I have received mine and it's great. (Czech Republic, Central Europe).