June 22, 2009

Pre-Orders Open!

Please see below for FAQ's.

We are happy to announce that pre-orders on the Art of Tomb Raider are now available. Pre-orders can be found on the Dreams and Visions Press website.

Go to www.dreamsandvisionspress.com and click on the Tomb Raider link. Follow the instructions to pay with credit card or PayPal. Deposits are $55US.

If you have any questions or problems, please let us know immediately.

Pre-orders are taken on a first come first serve basis. So don't delay. Announcements to the general web community will be delayed after the blog subscribers and email list have a chance to take advantage of the early offer.

Please let us know if you are interested in the "Exclusive" edition.
Deposits will apply to either version.

Thanks for your patience!

Here's an early Doppelganger concept. More updates coming soon.

Answers to FAQ's

$110 is the pre-order cost of the Standard Edition. The book will contain two volumes (Core Years and Crystal Years). These two volumes will be in a slipcase and are considered to be one book.
The $55 deposit can be applied to either the Standard Edition or the Exclusive Edition.

Exclusive Edition particulars are still being determined. Cost and Details are not yet available.
If you'd like the Exclusive Edition, let us know and we will put you on that list. You can always downgrade with no penalty. Please anticipate a cost of $400-$800 for the Exclusive Edition.

The $55 deposit will apply for either edition.

You should receive notice from PayPal that your $55 has been received. If you have received notice, you are guaranteed a Standard Edition. We will close pre-orders once the number reaches 2000 orders. Then we will begin a waiting list.

Shipping will be between $30 and $70 depending on your location.

Final payment will be requested once we have a shipping date from our printer. We anticipate an October/November 2009 delivery. Subject to change.


Brandon said...

YES!!!! :) :D

Puddytoes said...

Sweet! I was so excited I clicked the wrong button and deleted once, sorry.

Also I think I screwed up! How do we let you know if we're interested in the exclusive edition? I already sent my deposit..

Brandon said...

You can email Steffan at steffan@dreamsandvisionspress.com with any questions. He should take care of you. What will the Exclusive Edition have?! Signed with a pencil sketch (original Tomb Raider art?) as mentioned on the blog? And what will the price difference be? It sounds all exclusivey!! :)

Vlad said...

Are there only standard editions?

Vlad said...

Also, is there any way to know that the pre-order has been taken? Any confirmations etc.?

Vlad said...

>Please let us know if you are interested in the "Exclusive" edition.

As for me I am *VERY* interested in "Exclusive" edition. I hope, it will be published as well... someday. But if it is to be released I'm the first in the line. :)

Orphen said...

YaY finally
I per order my copy ^_____^

what's the Exclusive edition contain ?
is it like the standard editions but with signed sketchs or there will be a whole new design ??

Steffan Schulz said...

Some FAQ's.

$110 is the cost of the two books in a slipcase.
(Core Design Years & Crystal Years)

Exclusive Edition particulars are still being determined. Cost is not yet available.

The $55 deposit will apply for either edition. Please let me know that you want one of the Exclusive Editions.

You should receive notice from PayPal that your $55 has been received.

Shipping will be between $30 and $70 depending on your location.

Brandon said...

Yeeha! Who's excited?! I can't wait to see some larger images with page layouts... like the ones that were shown for the Ralph McQuarrie book as it got closer to publication. This is going to be a truly awesome set in 2 volumes! I can only imagine how much amazing material will be in these volumes, with all the years and games they'll be covering! October feels SO far away!!!

Puddytoes said...

I'm sorta sad that I can't go for the exclusive one, I'd be in trouble for years over that. ;) But like I said, as long as I get one, I'll be geeked. I'm *definitely* excited about it, it's going to be awesome, I had a giggle fit when I saw this post and paid right then without even reading the whole thing. LOL It just can't get here fast enough! :D

Steffan Schulz said...

I feel your impatience! I've been working on this for almost 3 years. I want to hold the finished product in my hands!

It looks like we are leaning toward 26 Numbered Editions for the Exclusive. More info soon.

Brandon said...

Man, that's crazy about the limited editions. Talk about limited! The estimated dough is a lot of cash! But I'm sure it will be worth it to those uber-fans who can afford it, and want to actually OWN an original piece of Tomb Raider art, if that's what you can end up working out!

Puddytoes said...


Any news or updates? :)

Anonymous said...

It's been a while indeed...

- Treeble