March 15, 2009


Just received storyboards from the fine folks at Crystal Dynamics. Here's a look at the sketches from the three games Crystal produced. Great variety of detail in the respective versions.  Here they are in chronological order.     

Above - From Legend.    
Lara chased by motorcycle mercenaries as she hoists herself to safety on a runaway train.

Above -  From Anniversary.   
Cheers to anyone who can identify the above scene and appropriate baddies.

Above - From Underworld.    
Lara playing Dance Revolution in a local Thai arcade.

Just making sure someone reads this stuff.


Vlad said...

Yep, someone is reading it right now... And finding it interesting. :)

Matt said...

I'll second that!

Puddytoes said...

Lapping it up, I can't *wait* for this book. Thanks for the invite! :)

Orphen said...

that scene from Anniversary
is Kold and Kid when they catch lara for the first time

really can't wait for the book

any news about the release date

Anonymous said...

Yup, Orphen is right. It's the interactive scene that plays after Sanctuary of the Scion.

Great stuff, keep it up. :)


Steffan Schulz said...

I gotta make these more difficult for you guys!

Marc said...

Woo, this book is really promising!

Michele said...

I can't wait for this book to come out! It's going to be the ultimate Tomb Raider Fans item. Here's hoping it will be amazing!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering when will pre orders open so I can start saving some, lol. Thanks.

- Treeble

Anonymous said...

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