September 1, 2008

Angel of Darkness Odds and Ends

Special thanks to Mark Garcia of for sending us some unique items for the book.    The rarities include some character and level editor screens as well as this wireframe transition of Kurtis Trent wielding his "weapon."   Don't be cheeky!   Hopefully someone can remind me what the weapon is, cuz I seem to have forgotten.

And this odd image of Lara playing footie.  Everyone knows the Brits invented the game, but I don't remember anything in Ms. Croft's bio about being a football hooligan.  Perhaps at boarding school?


Anonymous said...

Mark Garcia is a great fella, known him for a while now. :) The weapon in Kurtis' hand is his Chirugai, btw. :D

Anonymous said...

Kurtis has an entire fan club, Don' they know its been 5 years???

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the Glaive from Krull?