July 28, 2008

The Lara Croft Style Guide

Here's a look at one of the artwork sources for the early games - The Lara Croft Style Guide.    As a branding guidebook, it contains digital files and printed examples, Pantone colors, logos for various items such as the Lara Croft signature, Eidos, the Tomb Raider franchise and each game title.   This particular guide was created for the games up to, and including, The Last Revelation.  

The binder comes with 8 cd's of hi-res imagery to use for various marketing purposes.  This guide is very rare and we are excited to include it in the Art of Tomb Raider book.   I would love to have one in my collection but unfortunately this is not mine to keep. 

One of the images in particular is not included as a digital file, nor is it included in the printable, companion .pdf.    The image shows Lara holding the guide itself.   

I wonder if she's looking at the page where she's holding the Style Guide, looking at the page holding the Style Guide and so forth and so forth? 

Virtual feedback.


Anonymous said...

I think there was a style guide for AoD, too, if this youtube vid is anything to go by (and it very well may not be)


lol Lara holding the book looking at herself holding book... it's like that infinite cat project.

Anonymous said...

There was indeed an Style Guide for Angel of Darkness, which is just as rare I'm afraid. I'm very excited to know imagery from this particular guide is being included in the Art of Tomb Raider; hopefully each game will get a balanced share of artwork included. :)

Steffan Schulz said...

Yes, there is an AOD Style Guide. When I visited Eidos in London, I was given, or should I say "loaned" that item for the book as well. Stay tuned and I will put up some images from that in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

I have just put one up on ebay!