June 17, 2008

Dreams and Visions Press - Art of Tomb Raider

In the summer of 2007, Dreams and Visions Press released the impressive Art of Ralph McQuarrie compendium.   Many of you know Mr. McQuarrie's work through the original Star Wars Trilogy.   His work literally changed how contemporary cinema craftsmen approach the filmmaking process.   With a limited pressing (only 2000 copies world wide) the book was critically received by fans and artists alike. It contains simple pencil sketches to completed matte paintings and encompasses a large volume of Ralph McQuarrie's work.  A definite collector's item.   
After working with LucasFilm to complete the volume (does it get any more prestigious than that?)  Dreams and Visions Press set its sites on its sophomore release.     As a witness and mild participant throughout the process of the McQuarrie book creation (ask about Ralph's wife's shrimp sometime) and a massive fan of the Tomb Raider franchise) I sarcastically, but hopefully suggested to Stan Stice (owner of D&V) "The Art of Tomb Raider." Granted, I had selfish reasons for wanting Ms. Croft to be his next project.    His response was not what I expected.  Thank goodness.   While attending the Star Wars Euro Celebration in London, Stan arranged a meeting with Eidos.   Reluctant at first, and rightly so, I understand Eidos gets a ton of licensing queries, from the outrageous to the ridiculous: race horses, ladies pants, et al.   (Not really sure about the TP)  However, once the folks at Eidos got a hold of the Art of Ralph McQuarrie book, the meeting was on and by September of 2007, verbal commitments were in place.   

The Art of Tomb Raider would be Dreams and Visions Press' second effort.

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